Affordable vacation in Europe, or vacation in Bulgaria

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Pola Kolczyńska
Pola Kolczyńska
Namaste! My name is Pola Kolchinskaya. As a yogini and alternative medicine enthusiast, my life revolves around the pursuit of harmony of body, mind and spirit. Leading meditations in a women's circle, attending and organizing self-development workshops and exploring the depths of spiritual development are my daily practices. My passion for yoga has taken me to the most exotic corners of the world, including Bali, where the magic and energy of the place enhances the experience of yoga practice. The blog I run is a reflection of my life philosophy - sharing the joy of life. I love discovering new cultures, people, flavors and spaces, which inspires me to share it all with my readers. I believe that every trip, every workshop and every practice is a step towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. My goal is not only to inspire people to live in harmony with themselves, but also to show what a multidimensional adventure life can be when we allow ourselves to reflect and breathe deeply.

Sveti Vlas is an ideal vacation destination in Bulgaria. Situated in the eastern part of the Stara Planina mountain range, in close proximity to the Black Sea coast, it is the most picturesque Black Sea resort.

Sveti Vlas occupies the northern part of the Bay of Nessebar, located just 10km from the center of the municipality – the city of Nessebar, close to Bulgaria’s largest resort – Sunny Beach and 38km from Bourgas International Airport.

Affordable vacation in Europe, or vacation in Bulgaria
Affordable vacation in Europe, or vacations in Bulgaria

The favorable location of the resort defines its development as one of the most charming on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Away from the noise and pollution of large resorts, today the town is a preferred destination for rest and relaxation. The unique combination of mountains and sea is the reason for the very favorable climate here. The region is part of the Mediterranean climate zone, sheltered from northern winds. An important feature of the climate of St. Vlas is the number of sunny hours. 240-260 sunny days are recorded per year. Warm weather with cooling breezes is typical throughout the summer and early autumn.

The natural sea wind combined with crystal clear air provides excellent conditions for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other lung diseases. The favorable bioclimatic conditions make it possible to use the facilities for treatment, rest and recreation all year round.

The main natural element of tourism development in the region is the beach line. The entire coast of St. Vlas has a southern exposure. The beaches are wide, clean and covered with fine golden sand. The coast is divided into three separate beaches. The largest of these is Central Beach, which is 1000m long, has an average width of 16m and a total area of 16,000sqm.

The coast of Saint Vlas
The coast of St. Vlas

The generosity with which nature has endowed the region and the entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality of the local people stimulate the development of the region’s main economic activity – tourism. St. Vlas is a well-known international tourist destination. Every summer, tourists from all over the world visit the resort to take home indelible memories of a pleasant holiday in Bulgaria.

There are many opportunities for recreation and entertainment here. Hotels, two- and three-star hotels are real architectural gems, and there is no shortage of family pensions, villas and private accommodations. Numerous restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Tourist services respond to the latest trends in tourism and are characterized by high professionalism. Due to its proximity to the beach, the southern zone of St. Vlas is the most attractive part of the resort. Over the past few years, this area has been developed with mini-hotel complexes. The Garden of Eden in Saint Vlas, or the Watermill and Kompas complexes, are almost self-sufficient estates with their own restaurants, supermarkets or 24-hour medical care. They are surrounded by green parks and gardens.

St. Vlas is a little piece of paradise attracting tourists from all corners of the world. It is a place that will delight even the most demanding visitors. Traditional Bulgarian hospitality is a guarantee of time well spent. There are also many opportunities for active outdoor recreation here – various water sports, sailing and excursions

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