Consciousness Therapies – the path to Spiritual Awakening

Hartman test – check what color your personality is!

Polyphasic sleep, is it possible to sleep in two hours?

Solar plexus chakra – self-esteem

Ingratiation – what characterizes this form of manipulation?

Provocation – what is it? In what areas of life does it manifest itself?

Digital Nomads, who are Digital Nomads and how do they live?

Armonia – your friend in spiritual development

Wim Hof’s method – or the POWER of breath

Personal development – the key to happiness. 10 tips for self-development!

Nonconformism – definition, examples

Walking in the forest – 6 reasons why you should go to the forest. Check it out!

Crystal Lamp Sessions. The healing power of crystals from Brazil

Holotropic breathing – an extraordinary method for healing emotions

Ceremonial cocoa – what is it, how does it affect the body and how to prepare it?

Lace for a wedding – is it appropriate to wear it?

Hedonism – what is it? Definition, philosophy, examples

A Must Try Recipe

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