Common sense – what is it and what does it consist of?

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Common sense is usually defined as the ability to predict the results of one’s actions and choices and the ability to use knowledge and experience to make good decisions. It is also the ability to respect one’s own and other people’s circumstances and to have compassion for their situations.

What is common sense? Definition of the concept

Common sense is a concept that describes the ability to think rationally and anticipate the consequences of one’s actions. It is the ability to make decisions based on knowledge and experience, which excludes the participation of emotions alone. Common sense also means having the right abilities to create and implement long-term strategies.

What does common sense consist of?

Common sense requires that people follow common sense in their choices and actions. This means that it is important for people to make decisions that are consistent with their principles and values, and to use knowledge and experience to make wise and rational decisions. It also means that people should avoid making hasty and ill-considered decisions.

Common sense in sociology

In sociology, common sense is seen as a moral criterion that acts as a social norm. That is, it is a norm that defines what is culturally acceptable or unacceptable, and which people should follow in their society. Common sense is also considered a criterion that determines what behavior is responsible and what is not.

Common sense – examples

Examples of common sense are wise decisions that people make in their daily lives, such as choosing the right foods or saving money. Another example is avoiding drug use or drinking alcohol in public places. Common sense also means that people should take care of their health and avoid risky behavior, such as rock climbing or riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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