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Consciousness Therapies – the path to Spiritual Awakening

Consciousness Therapies is formed by a pair of spiritual teachers Dorota Venus and Krzysztof Orlowski, who guide seekers through the path of spiritual development....

Slow travel: How to travel consciously and discover the beauty of slow travel

Everyone dreams of enjoying a slow pace and exploring the beauty of the world. Slow travel is the perfect solution to put aside daily...

How to stretch shoes effectively? A guide for every type of shoe

Have you purchased your dream shoes, but they turned out to be too tight? Before you decide to replace them, check out our proven...

Modus operandi – what does it mean? Definition of the term

Modus operandi - you have probably heard this phrase, but do you know what it really is? We explain in the article. We invite...

Behaviorist – who is it? Definition of the term

A behaviorist is a profession that is related to animals - specifically, the study of their behavior. Learn more about who a behaviorist is.Entry...

Eating window: lose weight at specific times

The eatingwindow (diet if - intermittent fasting diet) is the so-called metabolic window, which determines the determination of the time of eating during the...

Perception – what exactly is it? Definition of the concept

Perception is nothing more than the ability to perceive reality. It is the process by which a person perceives stimuli from the environment and,...

Hartman test – check what color your personality is!

The Hartman test is one of the oldest and best-known psychological tests to determine the personality traits of the person being tested. Developed in...

Kundalini yoga, what it is and what are the effects of the exercises

Kundalini yoga is the most tantric and mystical variety of yoga, which includes chanting, breathing exercises and repetitive poses (asanas). Their purpose is to...

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Namaste! My name is Pola Kolczyńska. As a yogini and alternative medicine enthusiast, my life revolves around the pursuit of harmony of body, mind and spirit. Leading meditations in a women's circle, attending and organizing self-development workshops and exploring the depths of spiritual development are my daily practices. My passion for yoga has taken me to the most exotic corners of the world, including Bali, where the magic and energy of the place enhances the experience of yoga practice. The blog I run is a reflection of my life philosophy - sharing the joy of life. I love discovering new cultures, people, flavors and spaces, which inspires me to share it all with my readers. I believe that every trip, every workshop and every practice is a step towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. My goal is not only to inspire people to live in harmony with themselves, but also to show what a multidimensional adventure life can be when we allow ourselves to reflect and breathe deeply.

Pola Kolczyńska

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